Electric Motor May Crash By Suffering With Excessive Load

The function of an electric receiver is to be a device capable of receiving electrical energy and transforming it into other types of energy. The electric motor can be considered a receiver because the electric motor is capable of turning electrical energy into mechanical. The electric motor receives electricity from a source and turns it into mechanical energy.

The electric motor can be easily found in a fan, mixer, blender, waxing machine and many others and so it is possible to say that if we make good use of these products the electric motor will have a long useful life, however it is common that these apparatuses present problems Caused by carelessness or excess load. 6005 2z va208 SKF

The electric motor stops turning and that means it is locked. This blockage occurs due to overloading of the electric wax and blender. When there is a lot of wax on the floor, the electric motor locks, as the brushes can not turn. The same thing happens with the blender, because if the person puts an excessive load of fruit and hangs their blades the electric motor will also not turn.

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