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Main Elements of Three Phase Machines

Some of the main elements found inside a three-phase electric motor consist of the housing, which is suitably designed in aluminum alloy injected under pressure or gray cast iron, which ensures lightweight units and a solid and sturdy construction. The stator refers to a set of low carbon steel sheets, which are usually heat treated, or by silicon steel sheets, which are capable of guaranteeing little loss and effective magnetic permeability. The rotor VEM7014 consists of steel plates that have the same characteristics as the stator.

They can be wound, with a short-circuit ring, cast in die-cast aluminum, or with copper and brass busbar. Another important piece is the fan, which can be designed in nylon, cast iron or non-sparkling aluminum. It is manufactured to have a ventilation system in which the engine achieves the maximum of cooling, associated to a reduced noise level. The shaft is designed in steel to support radial and axial forces. The winding has wires used in the windings of the motors, insulated by a polyester-based varnish.