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Brushless Motor on Electric Car

In the electric brushless DC motor, which is used in the electric car, the three-phase winding of the armature is connected to an electronic switching circuit. The rotor has two permanent magnets and has a cylindrical shape made of Neodymium-Ferro-Boron also has rotor position sensing system and determines the phase switching sequence.

When the motor is running, the control system will switch the winding coils of the armature and this will happen in the correct sequence and time. For this it will be necessary that the control system verify and identify the position of the magnetic field of the rotor, which is in relation to the phases of the winding of the armature. In some motors, Hall sensors are used to detect the position of the rotor.

The brushless electric motor is driven through a complete bridge inverter with six wrenches. A situation in which the two phases of the armature winding are driven by current, the terminal voltage of a brushless motor, connected in Y, with six switches, with a complete bridge inverter, can be expressed by equations.