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How to use the electric motor

There are several ways to make use of the electric motor, they vary according to the model that the customer has acquired. Single-phase and three-phase models are suitable for specific applications, while the former is more basic, the latter is more complex. The use of the motors can occur in several types of segments and products that we use very frequently in our routine.

The use of the electric motor has increased significantly in recent years. This increase is justified by the fact that the engines have gained different models over the years. The evolution of the engines was very important so that it could meet other segments.

The function of the engine is to make the transformation from electrical energy to mechanical energy. Industrial processes, elevators, appliances and many other segments need the mechanical energy to work, so we can find the implementation of the engine in these and other different segments that also need that energy to function.

It is time to take the electric motor to rewind if there are traces of burning

A problem that occurs in the electric motor often happens when the electric motor does not turn and still disarms the circuit breaker, operates relay or burns fuse. In order to combat this problem, it is necessary to disconnect the electric motor from the load and check that the shaft is locked and, if this problem is detected, the bearings must be replaced urgently.

If the electric motor skf 209 c3 is not locked, with a multimeter placed on the continuity scale, it is necessary to check if the power conductors of the electric motor are shorted and if this is happening it is time to insulate this part with an insulation tape.

If the fault in the electric motor is not caused by a short circuit, it will be essential to open the electric motor and check if there is any sign of burn in any region of the coil. To check for this problem, the tips are: examine if there is no strong burn smell, the coils are with dark parts in the coil and if any of these traces is time to take the electric motor to rewind.