As casas populares são ser boas opções? A imobiliária responde…

Com toda a certeza que sim, porém para saber disso é preciso estar atento a tudo para não cair em problemas futuros. A realidade por trás disso é que vai existir a necessidade de procurar por aqui que a imobiliária oferecer.

Para conseguir um terreno swiss park campinas é adequado procurar uma empresa para ver quais são as principais opções. É essa questão que vai precisar ser considerado, porque fará sentido de forma positiva para todos os envolvidos.

Uma imobiliária de qualidade terá a capacidade de atender a sua necessidade com muito mais facilidade. É esse ponto que vai merecer atenção e terá feito diferença de forma positiva para todas as partes.

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Outro ponto crucial é ver se o valor é interessante ou não, ou seja, fazendo tudo com muito cuidado, pois será primordial. É essa questão que faz diferença, porque traz à tona questões que são inerentes a tudo isso.

A imobiliária de maior qualidade terá a capacidade de te auxiliar e isso vai ser fundamental para que você atinja os seus objetivos.

Electrical Current and Electromagnetism

In the past, workers in large vessels were able to conclude that lightning had the potential to cause certain movements on the compass needles used, even though the connection between lightning and electricity had not yet been linked to the concepts grounded by Benjamin Franklin in the year of 1752.

Thus, one of the earliest scholars to speak of the relations between electric current and magnetism was Romagnosi, who in about 1802 concluded that a wire that was completely connected to a heap had the possibility of causing a serious deviation in the needle of a compass that was near.

Therefore, when referring to the electromagnetic force, through the effects of quantum electrodynamics, the same result of an action resulting from the interaction between the electric charges with photons, and an electromagnet can exemplify the application of the electromagnetic force.

This concept then did not have the expected return until the physicist Hans Christian Orsted was able to perform a similar experiment. Through the research done by the scholar William Gilbert, studies on electricity and magnetism, it has been proven that although the two phenomena are capable of provoking effects of attraction and repulsion, they are partially different.

Imobiliária: pontos positivos x negativos

Quase sempre as pessoas possuem duvidas relacionadas ao uso de uma imobiliária para diversos assuntos. Os pontos positivos e negativos precisam ser comparados para que a escolha possa ser mais acertada.

Partindo desse ponto de vista, sem duvidas o preço sem a presença da empresa é algo importante. Já que é isso que deixará a analise mais simples de ser feita, oferecendo a todos algumas vantagens.

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Do outro lado, a ausência de segurança é um ponto que faz com que a imobiliária seja consultada. O mais importante é estar atento a esse fator, porque isso será de grande valia e terminará ajudando a todos.

Lembre-se também de um fator crucial, ou seja, que o seus apartamento para alugar em sorocaba ficará sempre protegido. Uma vez que a maioria das empresas conseguem ter acesso a assistência jurídica, deixando tudo melhor.

Por tudo isso, é que a imobiliária vai auxiliar aos envolvidos e será uma decisão acertada, porém sempre tendo cuidado. Para os que não concordam, lembre-se de uma dica: faça contratos e evite os transtornos em um futuro bem próximo.

Three Phase Induction Machines

Electric motors operating from induction can be widely specified and considered single operating devices, by the various, relatively decisive factors, among them, for example, by the fact that only polyphase alternating voltages can be applied to their own stator.

The induction machines can be evaluated as double excitation, where an alternating current of alternating current, should be applied to the two windings of the stator, which may also be called the armature, as well as the rotor itself.         MB-3

The voltage applied to the armature winding is a frequency and potential excitation voltage, most of which is stable, provided by a multi-phase or even single-phase bus, in the same way as the synchronous type machines. Consequently, the concentrated voltage to the rotor is an induced voltage, of variable frequency and potential, caused as a consequence of the speed of the rotor in relation to the synchronous speed.

Thus, it is very important to stress that an alternating voltage of variable frequency can be induced in its rotor, in the same way as it induces an alternating voltage, through a transforming action in a secondary one of a transformer.



Transformer Transport

Because of the brittleness of the rupture disk when the transformer is transported, the disc is packaged separately and must be mounted when the transformer is installed, following the procedures described below:

– Remove the screws on the flange of the blast tube, it is not necessary to lower the existing oil level;

– Remove the sealing flange;

– Place the rupture disc at the location of the sealing flange.    ORC6SBTHP63

The self-closing pressure relief valve is installed on insulated liquid transformers in order to protect them against possible deformation or rupture of the tank in cases of internal defect with high pressure.

The valve is very sensitive and quick, it closes automatically after the operation, thus preventing the entry of any external agent inside the transformer.

The sudden pressure relay and protective equipment for sealed type transformers installed above the maximum level of the liquid in the gas space between the liquid and the transformer cover.

The relay is designed to operate when transformer defects occur that produce abnormal internal pressure and its operation is caused only by rapid changes in internal pressure independent of the operating pressure of the transformer.



Degree of Polymerization

The mechanical tests proved that the GP is the test that more effectively informs about the actual aging conditions of the insulating kraft paper, helping with the results.

The condition of the insulation paper in the transformers is the determining factor of the life of these equipments and that 50% of the mechanical loss of this polymer is generally accepted as limiting condition for use.

In the classes used, the 50% decrease in paper strength at breakage was reached after 33 days of aging, and equates to an approximate GP value of 475. However, in the field, as paper sampling is done in some parts of the transformer, there is a risk of sampling the part of the paper that has not been punctured. An indirect methodology, such as the measurement of furanic compounds in the IMO, is applied for efficient evaluation of the state of the solid insulation.      HOR06FBYP34

Thermogravimetric assays (TGA) were also carried out on a new and aged Kraft paper sample for 35 days and the GPs for these samples were quite different, 1050 and 367 respectively, indicating the cleavage of the glucoside bonds of the biopolymer after aging. However, the results for thermogravimetric tests indicated only a small difference in temperatures where the degradation rate is maximal.



Flange and Power

For sale, you can find two most popular mounting types used in electric motors, standardized by the IEC standard. The most common of these is the configuration called B5, which is closest to the D or FF flange motors. A very important estimated detail to consider is that on the B5 flange the dowel pins are on the flange, and the threaded holes are in the corresponding part, such as a gear unit or machine. In this way, the efficiency of the motor is of paramount importance, and it must indicate the amount of the percentage of incoming electric energy, which in a certain moment ends up being converted into mechanical output energy.       timing pulleys boston

The mechanical power of the electric motor and the rated speed and tension are called horses. Some conditions such as relatively low temperatures during the operation process, prolonged resistance, reduced noise levels and energy savings are the main prerogatives offered by the high efficiency motors that should be highlighted. If two motors with the same power are thoroughly compared, the machine with a higher efficiency will consume much less energy.



The Mechanical Protection

In motors, mechanical protections may be labeled in the drop and splash resistant, fully enclosed and explosion-proof categories. The electric motor housing has the purpose of securing it to the operating site, ensuring its protection, according to the environment and location where it will be installed. The casing must be laid out in such a way as to encompass the different types of mechanical protection, with the intention of promoting compliance with the requirements of the plant and machinery standards for which the engines will be reserved.

The electric motors resistant to dripping have all their rotating parts or under tension properly guarded against water. In the case of fully enclosed motors, there is no change of coolant between the exterior and the interior of the housing. The explosion-proof motor is designed for applications in environments impregnated with gases and dust. Its enclosure is resistant to explosions of gases, or explosive mixtures specified inside, preventing a surrounding flammable atmosphere from being ignited.

Engines need to be spared, considering the protection of the people who perform the service, as well as external influences that may be harmful, and it is very important to consider all safety and accident and fire prevention requirements.

Synchronous Motor Operation

When working as a synchronous electric motor, the electric power is supplied to the machine by means of the application of three-phase alternating voltages at the terminals of the stator windings, considering that the rotor field windings are fed by a continuous voltage source.

Thus, by means of the spatial arrangement of the windings in the stator, these time-varying magnetic fields can also be driven by the stator so that the resulting magnetic field rotates around the circumference of the stator with regular angular velocity, according to the frequency of the voltage alternately applied in the windings.      5600 OHP

This field that passes around the circumference of the stator is also called the rotating field. In this way, the moment one of the poles of the constant magnetic field produced by the rotor field winding interacts with the resulting rotating field of the stator, it will align with the opposite pole.

Considering that the voltages applied to the stator windings are alternating and three-phase, a three-phase array of alternating currents with the same frequency as the voltage can be traversed in them, causing these three-phase currents to cause alternating magnetic fields capable of varying in time.




Match by Key Compensator

The so-called compensating key is made up of an autotransformer with different derivations, designed to suit the starting process. This autotransformer is activated to the stator circuit, where the star point of the same becomes accessible and at the moment of starting is short circuited and this connection ends as soon as the motor is connected directly to the network.

First, this type of starting is used in electric motors of greater power, applying loads with high friction index, as well as crushers, machines driven by belts, calenders and the like. The advantage is that at 65% bypass, the starting current in the line can approach the value of the drive current using a switch.

In the star-triangle, the switching of the reduced voltage branch to the supply voltage does not cause the current rise, since the autotransformer behaves in the same way to a reactance that prevents the increase of the same.   Browning 2BK80H

In a simple way, in the case of a compensating switch designed from three autotransformers, the leads often found in compensator switch autotransformers are on average 50%, 65% and 80%. The star-triangle keys may be to enumerate some advantages and disadvantages of the compensator key.


Rotation of the Rotor

A simple electric motor has a coil that rotates between two permanent magnets and the poles considered magnetic coil, represented by magnets, will be attracted by the opposing poles of the magnets. Bear-N-Bronz Bearing The coil will rotate so that it can carry these magnetic poles as close as possible to each other, and when it reaches this position, the current direction can be reversed, resulting in the comparison of the poles, which will repel, giving continuity in the impeller of the rotor .

The motor torque continues until the coil poles reach the opposing poles of the magnets fixed to the stator, thus making sure that there is no torque since the lever arms are zero, analyzing that the direction of the forces will pass through the center of rotation .

In the case of a simple motor where the stator is composed of permanent magnets and the rotor is a coil of enameled copper wire where the electric current flows and they will be able to cause magnetic fields and the coil acts as a permanent magnet, with its north and south poles. As the opposing poles attract, the coil experiences a torque that is able to act in the direction of spinning the coil, and can undergo an angular acceleration, continuing its rotation.

Departure Conjugate

In an electric motor, the nominal torque is the torque required to produce the nominal power at the nominal speed, and it should be noted that in the previous analyzes the motor voltage and frequency were considered constant, so the motor torque is a quadratic function of the electrical voltage. The standard NBR 7094 basically establishes three types of motors, according to the necessary values ​​of torque, slip and starting current being the motors of category D, category H and category N.

The conjugate is an extremely important parameter, applied to analyze the behavior of the induction motor reelcraft 5600OMP. The starting or locked-rotor torque is the minimum torque value that the motor develops in the standby condition, considering that the applied voltage and frequency are nominal. The minimum torque is the minimum torque value the motor will develop during rest until the maximum torque rotation occurs. The maximum torque is the maximum torque value that the motor will develop, provided that the applied voltage and frequency are nominal and that there is no sharp decrease in the speed.

How to simplify an induction motor

With the installation of a capacitor in the terminal bar of the induction electric motor we can achieve that the maximum power transmitted to the load rises and this maximum happens in a higher voltage level. There is a maximum number of induction motors that can be connected in parallel, since the equivalent rated power of all motors must be less than the mechanical power corresponding to the maximum electrical power that can be transmitted to the terminal bar of the motors.

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The internal load bar of the induction motor model will always be more charged than the terminal bar because there is an additional active power transmission effort from the terminal bar to the inner bar. However, the difference is so small, because the motor impedances are small when compared to those of the system, which, in order to analyze the conditions of voltage stability, it is enough to evaluate the indexes of the terminal bar. The indices calculated on the induction motor terminal bar are different. We conclude that simplifying the model of the induction motor by its injections of power consumed is inappropriate when it comes to the calculation of the voltage stability evaluation indices.

Star mode start

The direct drives of electric motors are realized through keys of the type star-triangle, only becoming recommendable to be realized if it has six accessible terminals and still have dual voltage nominal, as 220 and 380 V or 380 and 660 V. In the case of star startup, the torque and starting current shall be reduced by 1/3 of their nominal values. Therefore, an engine can only be able to start by means of a star-delta key when its torque on the star connection is greater than the torque of the axle load.

Thus, the process used to start the motor definite motors mrosupply is initially accomplished by connecting it in the star configuration until it reaches an approximate velocity of the regime velocity, when this connection is undone and the triangle is executed. The switching of the connection in the starting process is accompanied by a current rise, so that the advantages of its reduction are canceled if the switching is anticipated in relation to the ideal point. In industrial electrical installations the star-delta type switches can be used to soften the starting effects of the electric motors.

Electrical Machinery Insulation System

The maximum temperature limit for an insulation system should not be directly related to the thermal capacity of the materials used. In any system, the thermal performance of a component can be improved through protective specifications of some specific materials used in conjunction with that material. The specification of a particular product of any thermal class does not necessarily mean that each insulation material used in its projection has the same thermal capacity or class. The maximum temperature limit of an insulation system may not be directly related to the thermal capacity of the individual materials Flexco 54518 lacing used in the system.

The insulation system of electrical machines is based on the joining of different materials and insulating components used in various electrical equipment. Briefly, this junction is effected by means of some factors, such as wire insulation enamel, groove bottom, groove closure insulation and insulation between phases, for example. The specific characteristics of any product in a given thermal class does not automatically characterize that each insulation material or component used in its composition contains the same thermal capacity.

Inductive Load Energy Flow

Inductive loads, like the motors and transformers, can produce reactive power with the delayed current wave in relation to the voltage. Capacitive loads, such as banks of capacitors or buried electric cables, can produce reactive power with current advanced in relation to the voltage. The power factor is based on the dimensionless number that varies between zero and one. If the power factor equals zero, the energy flow will be completely reactive, and the stored energy will be returned to the source in each cycle.

baldor VM3555T-57

In a short form, the power factor can be considered delayed or advanced in order to identify the phase angle signal between the electric current and voltage waves that are produced. The specific power factor is determined by the type of load connected to the electrical system, which can be resistive, inductive or capacitive. If a load is resistive, it will be connected to the system, causing the current and voltage to change polarity in phase, requiring that the power factor is unitary, so that the electric energy can circulate in the same direction through the system in each cycle.

Main Elements of Three Phase Machines

Some of the main elements found inside a three-phase electric motor consist of the housing, which is suitably designed in aluminum alloy injected under pressure or gray cast iron, which ensures lightweight units and a solid and sturdy construction. The stator refers to a set of low carbon steel sheets, which are usually heat treated, or by silicon steel sheets, which are capable of guaranteeing little loss and effective magnetic permeability. The rotor VEM7014 consists of steel plates that have the same characteristics as the stator.

They can be wound, with a short-circuit ring, cast in die-cast aluminum, or with copper and brass busbar. Another important piece is the fan, which can be designed in nylon, cast iron or non-sparkling aluminum. It is manufactured to have a ventilation system in which the engine achieves the maximum of cooling, associated to a reduced noise level. The shaft is designed in steel to support radial and axial forces. The winding has wires used in the windings of the motors, insulated by a polyester-based varnish.

Starting Current Specifications

There are two ways to effectively reduce the voltage at the start, the first is supplying current at normal voltage, forcing the motor to connect in the network with the winding to a higher voltage, thus using the star-delta starting system. The second way is to supply current under voltage, by means of resistors, inductors or autotransformer.

All low voltage starting systems have drawbacks as the starting torque or torque reduces according to the square of the voltage reduction supplied to the motor. The electric motors of direct current, the speed must be regulated by the insertion of a rheostat in the field circuit, to provide adjustments in the flow.

The link between motors 1125-4-200-EA and a public power grid must follow specific requirements for this purpose, determined by standards. In most cases, it is necessary to remove a motor at full voltage in order to take full advantage of the starting torque. When starting the full voltage of an electric motor causes a voltage drop higher than the maximum permissible, it is important that a specific starting device with reduced voltage is used.


Transformers Needed

The transformer is one of the electrical devices with numerous possibilities of application and use. One of the factors that contributes to this great versatility is that it allows the precise adjustment of the voltages, as well as the currents, according to the existing needs. In this way, if one takes into account the process of supplying electric energy, it is easily possible to conclude that, due to the large number of applications, consequently, the power required also has to be greater.

7312 BECBM

It is also necessary to consider that the sources of production need to remain concentrated, resulting in significant economies of scale, as in the case of greater distances between the production of electricity and its consumption, for example. Thus, it can be concluded that a large electric power is able to transport for a greater distance, being able to cause some high Joule losses. For example, in the case of a hydroelectric plant that has a 300 MVA generator at 60 kV, the electric power generated will be capable of supplying a city on average 50 km away by means of a cable with resistance of 0.2 W / Km.

Law of Transformers and its Principle of Operation

Transformers operate according to Faraday’s law or the first law of Electromagnetism ¨ An electric current is induced in a circuit if it is under the action of a variable magnetic field¨.

A magnetic field is a region of space induced by any moving charge, such as the electric current (i) corresponding to moving electrons, or by material with specific properties, such as the magnet.

The electric charge acme TB81301 creates around itself an electric field with lines of electric field entering (negative charge) or leaving (positive charge). The magnet and a moving charge create a magnetic field (B), and whenever its field lines arise from a north pole (positive) and arrives at a south pole (negative), thus unraveling two poles simultaneously.

The earth also has this same principle, it generates a magnetic field due to its nucleus formed by iron and nickel, thus possessing north and south poles, and this is inclusive, the principle of operation of the compass, used for localization, and is a magnet With its north always pointing towards geographical land north.

Synchronous Motor Operation

Let a three-phase voltage be connected to the stator of a synchronous electric motor, in a second in which the currents in each coil, with the current in the coil a-a ‘in position 1.

Due to the poles created by the field (2-pole motor), one conductor is located on the N pole and another on the S pole. From the relationship between the current in the conductors and the fields, as the conductor is effective, the upper polar face is exposed to A torque to the right, while the lower pole face is subjected to a torque to the left.


Therefore, the rotor is subject to a torque that would tend to reallocate it clockwise. For the current in position 2 is the alternating current and the rotor is exposed to a torque that would tend to move it in the counterclockwise direction.

Due to the inertia of the rotor, the torque formed in one second is zero because the rotor was precisely drawn alternately in the clockwise and counterclockwise directions 60 times at that time for the frequency of 60 Hz. If the rotor is driven at the speed Synchronous, in the second in which the direction of the current is reversed, the field is changed, which will allow a liquid torque.

Balancing and Coupling

Equipment that for different reasons may be unbalanced may cause vibrations, which may lead to possible engine damage. It is recommended that the motors in general be balanced dynamically with a half-key in a vacuum, that is, uncoupled. If the buyer wants a specific balance, it must be manifested at the time of purchase.

Transmission elements such as couplings and pulleys, among others, need to be balanced before they are inserted into the axles of the engines. The level of engine balancing quality must follow the specifications and standards in force for each product line respectively. It is recommended that maximum balancing deviations be entered in the installation report.


The couplings are used to transmit torque from the motor to the driven machine in question. When using a coupling, it is necessary to use appropriate tools for assembly and disassembly, avoiding damage to the motor and flexible couplings, which may absorb minor misalignments during the operation of the equipment. The loads that are within the speed limits reported by the coupling and engine manufacturer should never be exceeded.

Asymmetrical Biphasic Motors

The asymmetrical two-phase electric motors have greater versatility, can be manufactured with the same power of three-phase motors as single-phase motors.

The biphasic return electric motors have some interesting features that impose advantages on single-phase motors, such as simple manufacturing (similar to three-phase motor), low cost (no auxiliary starting or operating instruments), presence of torque (Without assistance of equipment for starting), easier handling (grants change in direction of rotation by simple inversion of phase sequence) and is easier to maintain.

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With the installation of the biphasic asymmetric motor in the urban zone, we would solve the problems of energy waste (with greater energy efficiency), which is evidenced by the conservation of energy, that is, we would directly attack the amount of reactive power in the distribution network, which particularly Is related to single-phase induction motors with a single-value or two-value permanent capacitor, since the accuracy of a higher energy efficiency among single-phase motors is properly associated with the use of a permanent capacitor.

Brushless Motor on Electric Car

In the electric brushless DC motor, which is used in the electric car, the three-phase winding of the armature is connected to an electronic switching circuit. The rotor has two permanent magnets and has a cylindrical shape made of Neodymium-Ferro-Boron also has rotor position sensing system and determines the phase switching sequence.

When the motor is running, the control system will switch the winding coils of the armature and this will happen in the correct sequence and time. For this it will be necessary that the control system verify and identify the position of the magnetic field of the rotor, which is in relation to the phases of the winding of the armature. In some motors, Hall sensors are used to detect the position of the rotor.

The brushless electric motor is driven through a complete bridge inverter with six wrenches. A situation in which the two phases of the armature winding are driven by current, the terminal voltage of a brushless motor, connected in Y, with six switches, with a complete bridge inverter, can be expressed by equations.

Universal Engine

The universal motor is the only single-phase electric motor whose stator coils are electrically connected to the rotor by means of two sliding contacts (brushes). These two contacts in turn connect the stator and the rotor in series.

It has some characteristics regarding speed, voltage frequency, power and application.

Like all series motors, the universal motor is also subject to an unloaded speed (vacuum) that is too high. This speed must be prevented from being reached, and for this purpose a set of gears is built into the casings to produce a strong torque against rotation. This torque prevents high idle speed and high engine torque at low speed. hose reels d83075 olp

The universal electric motor is designed to operate with voltage values ​​ranging from 250 V (volt) to 1.5 V. The corresponding values ​​of commercial frequencies range from 60 Hz to zero frequency. This corresponds to a direct current.

A higher power universal motor can be obtained if modifications are made to the motor design so that it performs well with DC and AC.

Details of Running an Electric Motor

The battery provides electrical power when the scraped parts of the turn are in contact with the bearing. Thus we have an electric circuit through which a current passes through the magnetic field associated with this current, transforming it into a small (unnatural) magnet.

The magnet fixed on the stack has one of its poles facing the turn; And when it becomes a magnet, there is an interaction between them. When the loop has the same type of pole to which it is attached, we will have a repulsive force that will move the loop. This movement often depends on an initial push.

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An important detail: when the loop has the opposite pole to that of the magnet to which it is attached, the force that will exist will be of attraction and the movement of the loop will be damped and may even result in the end of its movement.

To solve this problem and prevent the electric motor from stopping, we use one end of the fully scraped loop where the chain can always pass through and the other half scraped so that the chain will only pass through that end when the scraped part is in Contact with the rod.

Electric Motor May Crash By Suffering With Excessive Load

The function of an electric receiver is to be a device capable of receiving electrical energy and transforming it into other types of energy. The electric motor can be considered a receiver because the electric motor is capable of turning electrical energy into mechanical. The electric motor receives electricity from a source and turns it into mechanical energy.

The electric motor can be easily found in a fan, mixer, blender, waxing machine and many others and so it is possible to say that if we make good use of these products the electric motor will have a long useful life, however it is common that these apparatuses present problems Caused by carelessness or excess load. 6005 2z va208 SKF

The electric motor stops turning and that means it is locked. This blockage occurs due to overloading of the electric wax and blender. When there is a lot of wax on the floor, the electric motor locks, as the brushes can not turn. The same thing happens with the blender, because if the person puts an excessive load of fruit and hangs their blades the electric motor will also not turn.

Skateboard with electric motor

Skate with electric motor is a great option for those who want to get away from the stockings of buses and subways

Anyone who is tired of riding a public transport needs to get to know Bolt because it is a super portable electric skateboard that takes you everywhere in no time and is more portable than the bike.

The electric skateboard was developed by Italian Lorenzo Cella. The Bolt weighs only 4 kilos and is one meter in length, this small size allows it to be carried inside a backpack. The electric motor used in electric skateboard has 2,000 watts and a powerful 5,000 mAh battery.

In order for the electric motor of the skateboard to be fully charged the electric motor needs a time that varies between 60 and 90 minutes. But, skateboarding has the advantage that it can recharge other devices like your smartphone, because it has a USB port. As advantage still appears its speed that can reach 21 km / h.

How to use the electric motor

There are several ways to make use of the electric motor, they vary according to the model that the customer has acquired. Single-phase and three-phase models are suitable for specific applications, while the former is more basic, the latter is more complex. The use of the motors can occur in several types of segments and products that we use very frequently in our routine.

The use of the electric motor has increased significantly in recent years. This increase is justified by the fact that the engines have gained different models over the years. The evolution of the engines was very important so that it could meet other segments.

The function of the engine is to make the transformation from electrical energy to mechanical energy. Industrial processes, elevators, appliances and many other segments need the mechanical energy to work, so we can find the implementation of the engine in these and other different segments that also need that energy to function.

It is time to take the electric motor to rewind if there are traces of burning

A problem that occurs in the electric motor often happens when the electric motor does not turn and still disarms the circuit breaker, operates relay or burns fuse. In order to combat this problem, it is necessary to disconnect the electric motor from the load and check that the shaft is locked and, if this problem is detected, the bearings must be replaced urgently.

If the electric motor skf 209 c3 is not locked, with a multimeter placed on the continuity scale, it is necessary to check if the power conductors of the electric motor are shorted and if this is happening it is time to insulate this part with an insulation tape.

If the fault in the electric motor is not caused by a short circuit, it will be essential to open the electric motor and check if there is any sign of burn in any region of the coil. To check for this problem, the tips are: examine if there is no strong burn smell, the coils are with dark parts in the coil and if any of these traces is time to take the electric motor to rewind.